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Costume Society Scotland


Private collection (return to library)

1  The  Windsor Collection (The Auction)

2  Through the  Looking Glass also Video  BBC Elizabeth Wilson  & Lou Taylor

3  Traditional  Needlepoint - Beth Russell

4  Tranditional  Knitting - Rae Compton

5  Treasury of  the National Jewels (Iran)

6  The Unbroken  Thread - Glasgow School of Art

7  Uncut Cloth,  Sari Shawls and Sashes - Nasreen Askari &  Liz Arthur

8  Unfolding  Picture (Fans)  Rioyal  Collcetion  Exhib.  Queen's Gallery

9  Vanity Fair  Metropolitan Museum  of Art

10  Victorian  Costume  -Anne M Buck

11  Victorian  Embroidery - Freda Parker

12  Victorian  Jewellery - Nancy Armstrong

13  View of  Fashion - Alison Adburgham

14  Vogue (Always  in Vogue) - Edna and Ilka Chase

15  Vogue (Even  more dash than cash) - Kate Hogg

16  Weaving in  Nepal

17  Weddings Dress  1740-1950  V&A

18  Wilkie  Exhibition Book  National Gallery

19  With This Ring  100 years of marriage)- Elizabeth Laverack

20  Woman of style - Diana  Jackie Modlingen

21  Women in  Scotland - Rosalind K. Marshall  NGS

22  The  Windsor Collection (The Auction)

23  Through the  Looking Glass also Video - BBC Elizabeth Wilson  & Lou Taylor

24  Traditional  Needlepoint - Beth Russell

25  Tranditional  Knitting - Rae Compton

26  Treasury of  the National Jewels (Iran)

27  The Unbroken  Thread  Glasgow School of Art

28   Uncut Cloth,  Sari Shawls and Sashes  Nasreen Askari &  Liz Arthur

29  Unfolding  Picture (Fans)  Royal  Collcetion  Exhib.  Queen's Gallery

30  Vanity Fair  Metropolitan Museum  of Art

31  Victorian  Costume - Anne M Buck

32  Victorian  Embroidery - Freda Parker

33  Victorian  Jewellery - Nancy Armstrong

34  View of  Fashion - Alison Adburgham

35  Vogue (Always  in Vogue) - Edna and Ilka Chase

36  Vogue (Even  more dash than cash) - Kate Hogg

37  Weaving in  Nepal

38  Weddings Dress  1740-1950  V&A

39  Wilkie  Exhibition Book  National Gallery

40  With This Ring  100 years of marriage)  Elizabeth Laverack

41  Woman of style  Diana - Jackie Modlingen

42  Women in  Scotland  - Rosalind K. Marshall  NGS


Our webmistress Sarah has also added the following, you can contact her directly if you want to borrow any of them.


1 Terms of Adornment: The Ultimate Guide to Accessories - Deborah Chase

2 The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear - Jonathan Walford

3 High Heel Heaven: The Glamour and Seduction of Fabulous Shoes - Tracy Martin

4 The Fashioned Body: Fashion, Dress and Modern Social Theory - Joanne Entwistle

5 Dress to Impress - Brigitte Nioche

6 Style Directions for Women - Carol Spenser

7 Things a Woman Should Know about Style - Karen Homer

8 A Century of Lingerie - Bressler/Newman/Proctor